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Training & management practices

There are a variety of projects associated with this research theme; click on a project name to find out more.

Addressing Gender Inequality through Corporate Governance

Agglomerative & Deglomerative Processes & Small Firms Development in Business & Professional Services

Analysis of Middle Market Firms

Analysis of the Relationship between Training & Business Performance

Assessing the Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME Survey)

Bankruptcy Law & Entrepreneurship

Barriers to Innovation & Growth in High Technology SMEs: The Role of Absorptive Capacity

Building a Biomedical Enterprise & Commercialising Science: Entrepreneurial UK Genomics Firms in Comparative Perspective

Building Economic Competitiveness: Lessons from Small Peripheral European States

Business Advice, Public Support & the Supply Chain

Business Failure & Macroeconomic Instability

Capability Approach & the Implementation of EU Social Policy Directives

Capright: Resources, Rights & Capabilities in Europe

China Engineering Scoping Study

CIS4 & Oslo Manual Revision: Early Stage Pilot

Company Law Review

Comparative Study of Knowledge Exchange in the United States & the United Kingdom

Competition & Performance

Competition, Takeovers & Investment

Competitiveness & Productivity of the UK Design Engineering Sector

Competitiveness of the UK & its Multinational Companies

Concepts of Insolvency

Connectivity of the Arts & Humanities: New Analysis of Missing Links

Contribution of Services & Other Sectors to Australian Productivity Growth 1995-2005

Cooperation, Stakeholder Representation & Business Performance

Corporate Governance & Innovation

Corporate Governance & Investment: An International Research Network

Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance & Economic Performance in Emerging Markets

Corporate Law & Economic Performance

Corporate Rescue: Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Corporate Responses to Macroeconomic Changes & Shocks

Design Study for a Survey of UK Management Practices

Dynamics of Institutions & Markets in Europe (DIME)

Ethics, Regulation & Globalisation

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of HEFCE/OSI Third Stream Funding

Evaluation of the Golden Key Package Component of the Small Business Initiative Funded by the British Bankers Association

Evidence Base for Innovation Policy (UK~IRC)

Evolution of Governance Arrangements in the Family Firm

Experiences of UK Mid-corporate Companies in Accessing & Working in the Emerging Asian Economies

Finance, Training & SME Performance: An Evaluation Study of the Small Business Initiative

FINNOV – Finance, Innovation & Growth: Changing Patterns & Policy Implications

Flexible Specialisation, Competitive Advantage & Business Structuring in the UK Computer Industry

From Employability to Capability: An Exploratory Approach on the Quality of Employment

Funding Breakthrough Technology

Funding Models, Research Performance & the Effects of the UK National Science System

Future of Collectivism in the Regulation of Pay & Employment in Britain

Future of Professional Work

Globalising Behaviour of UK Firms in a Comparative Context

Governance of Mutuality

Government Support for Small Business Innovation and the SBIR

High Tech CEOs & Their Businesses

Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Businesses in the Cleaning & Security Sectors

Implementation of the Working Time Directive in the UK

Insolvency & Stakeholding

Institutional Investment & Corporate Accountability

Integrated Knowledge Centre (IKC) Commercialisation Laboratory

International Financial Regulation

International Innovation Benchmarking & the Determinants of Business Success

International Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances for the Development of British Management

International Mergers

Job Insecurity, Polarisation, Social Exclusion & Flexibility

Knowledge Exchange between Arts & Humanities and the Private, Public & Third Sectors

Knowledge Hub (UK~IRC)

Labour Law & Poverty Alleviation in Low- & Middle-Income Countries

Labour Market Reform & Social Inclusion: The Case of New Zealand, Ireland & Denmark

Law & Finance in Emerging Markets

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Law, Finance & Development

Learning Factory

Legal Framework Governing Business Firms & its Implications for Manufacturing Scale & Performance

Manufacturing Strategy & Competitiveness



Missing Observations in Survey Data: An Experimental Approach

Modelling Business Duration & Business Failure

National Small & Medium Sized Business Surveys

Networks, Collective Learning and R&D in Regionally Clustered High-technology Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

New Modes of Innovation: Managerial & Strategic Business Practices & Open Innovation (UK~IRC)

New Product Development Performance in the UK & Japanese Automotive Industries

Northern Ireland SME Benchmarking Survey

Organisation of Entrepreneurial Technology Firms in Several European Countries

Pension Fund Governance & Socially Responsible Investment

Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

Reflexive Law & Democratic Governance

Research Using UK Innovation Survey 2005 Data

Role of Banks versus Venture Capital in Financing Small Enterprises in Successful European Regions

Role of "Soft Companies" & Government R&D Contracts in Development of SMEs

Role of Technology Policy in Incubating European New Technology-Based Firms

Services Innovation & Innovative Performance at the Sector Level (UK~IRC)

SME Finance & Innovation in the Current Economic Crisis

SME Growth Trajectories: A Pilot Study for the Small Business Service of UK SME Growth & Survival, Using the CBR Panel Data

SME Performance & Policy

Social Dialogue, Employment & Territories: Towards a European Politics of Capabilities

'Soft Regulation': Conforming with the Principle of 'Comply or Explain'

Spatial Variations in Innovations & Absorptive Capacity

Start-up Finance: A Study of Micro Finance amongst Soft & Hard Companies

Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property (SABIP) Review

Structural Change, Competitive Advantage & the Regulation of the Media

Survey of National Health Service Reforms & the Working Lives of Midwives & Physiotherapists

Territorial Clustering & Innovative Milieux: Technology-based Firms in the Cambridge & Oxford Regions

UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC)

UK~IRC & CIHE Task Force: Enhancing Value: Getting the Most out of UK Research

UK Survey of SME Finances 2007

Universities & Their Role in Systems of Innovation: A Comparative Assessment of UK & US Institutions & Locales

University-Industry Knowledge Exchange: Demand Pull, Supply Push & the Public Space Role of Higher Education Institutions in the UK Regions

Updating Employment Institutions & Governance