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Macroeconomic environment

There are a variety of projects associated with this research theme; click on a project name to find out more.

Business Failure & Macroeconomic Instability

Competition & Performance

Competition, Takeovers & Investment

Competitiveness of the UK & its Multinational Companies

Contribution of Services & Other Sectors to Australian Productivity Growth 1995-2005

Corporate Law & Economic Performance

Corporate Responses to Macroeconomic Changes & Shocks

Finance, Training & SME Performance: An Evaluation Study of the Small Business Initiative

Globalising Behaviour of UK Firms in a Comparative Context

International Financial Regulation

Knowledge Hub (UK~IRC)

Modelling Business Duration & Business Failure

Services Innovation & Innovative Performance at the Sector Level (UK~IRC)

SME Finance & Innovation in the Current Economic Crisis

UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC)