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Financing innovation

There are a variety of projects associated with this research theme; click on a project name to find out more.

FINNOV – Finance, Innovation & Growth: Changing Patterns & Policy Implications

Flexible Specialisation, Competitive Advantage & Business Structuring in the UK Computer Industry

Funding Breakthrough Technology

Integrated Knowledge Centre (IKC) Commercialisation Laboratory

International Innovation Benchmarking & the Determinants of Business Success

Legal Framework Governing Business Firms & its Implications for Manufacturing Scale & Performance

Role of Banks versus Venture Capital in Financing Small Enterprises in Successful European Regions

Role of "Soft Companies" & Government R&D Contracts in Development of SMEs

Role of Technology Policy in Incubating European New Technology-Based Firms

SME Finance & Innovation in the Current Economic Crisis

SME Performance & Policy

Start-up Finance: A Study of Micro Finance amongst Soft & Hard Companies

UK Survey of SME Finances 2007