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Company law

There are a variety of projects associated with this research theme; click on a project name to find out more.

Bankruptcy Law & Entrepreneurship

Capability Approach & the Implementation of EU Social Policy Directives

Company Law Review

Concepts of Insolvency

Cooperation, Stakeholder Representation & Business Performance

Corporate Governance & Innovation

Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance & Economic Performance in Emerging Markets

Corporate Law & Economic Performance

Corporate Rescue: Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Ethics, Regulation & Globalisation

From Employability to Capability: An Exploratory Approach on the Quality of Employment

Future of Collectivism in the Regulation of Pay & Employment in Britain

Governance of Mutuality

Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Insolvency & Stakeholding

Institutional Investment & Corporate Accountability

Law & Finance in Emerging Markets

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Law, Finance & Development

Legal Framework Governing Business Firms & its Implications for Manufacturing Scale & Performance

Pension Fund Governance & Socially Responsible Investment

Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

Reflexive Law & Democratic Governance

'Soft Regulation': Conforming with the Principle of 'Comply or Explain'