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UK~IRC & CIHE Task Force: Enhancing Value: Getting the Most out of UK Research

Aims & objectives

The Enhancing Value Task Force has been launched by the Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) in conjunction with the UK-Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC) to answer the question: how do we make the most of the UK research base? The CIHE and UK~IRC believe that by uniting leading figures in industry and academia they will deliver an answer. The Task Force’s ambition is to ensure that Government policies and business and university activities are aligned to achieve maximum economic impact for the UK globally and to keep the country at the forefront of research. David Eyton, Group Head of Technology at BP and Professor Shirley Pearce, Vice Chancellor of Loughborough University the Task Force’s co-chairs, will lead discussions to deepen the understanding and enhance the value of the research base in the UK. This issue will be explored through workshops, research reviews, online collaboration channels, and interviews with many of the UK’s outstanding innovators. The first Steering Group meeting – and formal launch of the Task Force – took place on 7 July at BP’s London headquarters, attended by Sir Adrian Smith, Director General, Knowledge and Innovation at the Department for Business Innovation & Skills.


Enhancing Impact: The Value of Public Sector R&D (Summary of the report)

The UK R&D Landscape

Enhancing Value: getting the most out of UK research. First Status Report

Press releases

The UK R&D Landscape. Press Release

CIHE/UK~IRC Enhancing Value. Press Release

August 2012: CIHE-UK~IRC Task Force on impact of publicly funded R&D

21 February 2012: CIHE-UK~IRC Task Force maps the UK’s R&D landscape

July 2011: Business and Research combine to boost UK Economy

Members of the CIHE/UK~IRC Research Task Force

Steering Group Chairs

David Eyton, Group Head of Technology, BP
Professor Shirley Pearce, Vice Chancellor, Loughbourough University

Working Group Chairs

Bob Sorrell, VP Public Partnerships, BP
Professor Mike Caine, Deputy Head (Enterprise), Loughborough University

Strategic Partners

Dr David Docherty, Chief Executive, CIHE
Professor Alan Hughes, Director, CBR and UK~IRC

Task Force Steering Group Members

Task Force Working Group Members