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The Integrated Knowledge Centre (IKC) Commercialisation Laboratory

Aims & objectives

The CIKC is a large EPSRC-funded programme of research aimed to the exploratory development and commercialisation of research conducted in the area of photonics and advanced electronics by groups at the University of Cambridge’s Departments of Physics and Electrical Engineering jointly with industrial partners and teams at Cambridge Judge Business School, the Institute for Manufacturing and the CBR.

Within the CIKC programme the objectives of the CBR Commercialisation Laboratory are:

  1. To investigte the innovation dynamics of the CIKC technical projects
  2. To facilitate commercialisation processes of CIKC technologies
  3. To compare relevant international policy frameworks for the commercialisation of technologies emerging at public-private interfaces

Facilitation of CIKC commercialisation activities led to a number of initiatives for exploitation of the innovative potential of CIKC technical projects, which have generated a considerable amount of original IP and two spin-off companies. The comparative policy work, based on site visits to Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the USA, led to the manuscript Models of Technology Development in Intermediate Research Organisations (by Andrea Mina, David Connell and Alan Hughes). This paper identified and discussed the characteristics, operating mechanisms and strategic positions of important innovation intermediaries working at the public-private interface. The findings of the project fed directly into the Hauser Report on The Current and Future Role of Technology and Innovation Centres in the UK, presented to Lord Mandelson on 25 April 2010. It also informed a Submission of evidence to HM Treasury and BIS consultation document “Financing a Private Sector Recovery”, December 2010, by the CBR team. The longitudinal study of the CIKC university-industry innovation processes in progress, will capture the lessons gained through the continuous observation over a period of four years of the CIKC project’s commercialisation. It will relate the innovation pathways to resources, barriers and constraints, opportunities, behaviours and expectations.

Working papers

Mina, A., Connell, D. and Hughes, A. (2009), ‘Models of Technology Development in Intermediate Research Organisations’, CBR Working Paper No. 396, Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.

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Journal articles

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Book chapters

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Working papers

Mina, A. (2010) ‘Knowledge and the evolving Economy’ working paper, in progress; CBR WP 412, September.

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Connell, D, (2012) submitted two tranches of written evidence to the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry on Bridging the “Valley of Death”: Improving the Commercialisation of Research, and gave oral evidence to the committee on 18th April.

Connell, D., Hughes, A. and Mina, A. (2010), Submission to House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology Enquiry on Technology Innovation Centres, December.

Connell, D. (2010), Submission to House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology Enquiry into Procurement as a Tool to Stimulate Innovation, December.

Connell, D. (2010), Oral Evidence to the House of Lords and House of Commons Select Committees on Science and Technology in response to their Enquiry on the use of procurement to stimulate innovation, 21 December.

Conference presentations

Connell, D. (2012) ‘The US Innovation System at a meeting of the Centre for Business Innovation’s Open Innovation Practitioners’ Consortium involving representatives from major European companies which took place in Berlin in July.

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Connell, D. (2012) was asked to speak at seminars organised by the European Parliament in Brussels in February and April 2012 and at the European Science Open Forum in Dublin in July.

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Connell, D. (2011); speech to European Competitiveness Council (Member State Industry Ministers) advocating EC funding of €1 billion to cofund EU SBIR programme. 13 April.

Connell, D (2011) chaired workshop of 10 member state ministers and senior officials on EU financial support programmes for SMEs (ie venture capital, bank loan guarantees etc).

Connell, D. (2011) spoke at high level Institute of Technology and Engineering workshop on procurement based innovation and SBRI, alongside Mark Prisk MP, 23 May.

Mina A., (2011) AoM Annual Conference, San Antonio, Texas, 12-16th August.

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Workshops organised

Connell, D (2008) organised a high level 2 day policy symposium on ‘Novel Electronic and Photonic Device Technologies: Policies to Maximise the Benefits to UK plc’ 6 and 7 November 2008, with participation by senior officials from DIUS, TSB, EPSRC,MOD, Royal Society, IMEC (Belgium), Fraunhofer Microelectronic Institute (Germany) and UK technology companies.

Hughes, A. organised workshop entitled Measuring the Impact and Success of University Industry Knowledge Exchange: A metrics workshop, 27 July 2007, Robinson College, Cambridge.

Mina, A. (2007) JBS/CBR CIKC workshop, Cambridge, 12th December (jointly organised with Arnoud De Meyer).

Media coverage

Mina, A. (2010) cited in Research Quarterly, April 2010.


Mina, A. (2010) attended 1 day course for data access and use, UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), London, 26 March 2010.

Project leaders

Alan Hughes
David Connell

Other principal investigator

Andrea Mina

Collaborating Cambridge faculties

Cambridge Judge Business School

Department of Engineering (CAPE and the Institute for Manufacturing)

Department of Physics (Cavendish Laboratory)

Project dates