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Structural Change, Competitive Advantage & the Regulation of the Media

This project was concerned with the implications for the competitiveness of the UK Media industry of major structural changes brought about by: changes in production forms which saw a greater use of outsourcing and inter-firm contracting, changes in the regulatory environment and the impact of technology and the globalisation of production.

The research addressed three inter-related issues:

  • The impact of technological change and globalisation on the sources of competitive advantage;
  • The implications for competitiveness of developments in corporate restructuring which have led to vertical disintegration and greater reliance on contractual relations between firms; and
  • The relationship between competitiveness and the regulatory framework.

A postal questionnaire sent to UK Independent TV Programme Makers resulted in 140 completed returns, representing about 22% of the members of the trade association PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television). The survey covered questions on general characteristics of their business, owners and management, commercial activity and competitive situation, production costs, collaboration with others, and finance and acquisition activity.

Dates of survey: 1997

Number of responses: 140

Dataset: Media Dataset, 1992-1995 (SN4432) 

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Principal investigators

Andy Cosh
Simon Deakin
Stephen Pratten