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Job Insecurity, Polarisation, Social Exclusion & Flexibility

Aims & objectives

The focus of this study was to describe and analyse the effects of job insecurity in UK workplaces, in the context of the increased levels of job insecurity over the past two decades. It also focused on wider aspects of employees’ concerns about the future, including changing job content and career prospects, and job intensification.

Dates of survey: The interviews were carried out in 1998-1999.

Number of responses: The database contains interview and self completion information from 300 employees from 22 organisations as well as interviews from 20 Senior Managers and CEOs.

Burchell, B.J., Day, D., Hudson, M., Ladipo, D., Mankelow, R., Nolan, J.P., Reed, H., Wichert, I.C. and Wilkinson, F. (1999) Job insecurity and work intensification. York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

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Principal investigators

Brendan Burchell
Maria Hudson
David Ladipo
Hannah Reed
Frank Wilkinson
Roy Mankelow