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Legal & institutional environment

This area of work is concerned with the role of legal institutions in promoting financial development and economic growth. This includes research projects on issues affecting the governance, management and regulation of companies, including board structure, executive pay, hostile takeovers, shareholder activism, socially responsible investment, corporate insolvency, inter-firm contracting, worker participation, employment protection, and labour standards regulation. This research has contributed to advances in methods of data collection and statistical analysis in the study of the relationship between law and finance, and to theoretical developments in the field of evolutionary law and economics.

Associated research themes

Bankruptcy & insolvency

Board management & risk

Company law

Corporate growth

Emerging markets

Employee consultation & restructuring

Employment legislation institutions & practice

Financial institutions & governance

Financial regulation

Governance & innovation

Innovation policy

Innovation systems

Inter-firm collaboration

Law, finance & development

Takeovers, ownership & executive pay

Universities in systems of innovation

Venture capital & hedge funds

Associated research projects

Addressing Gender Inequality through Corporate Governance

Agglomerative & Deglomerative Processes & Small Firms Development in Business & Professional Services

Analysis of Middle Market Firms

Analysis of the Relationship between Training & Business Performance

Assessing the Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SME Survey)

Bankruptcy Law & Entrepreneurship

Barriers to Innovation & Growth in High Technology SMEs: The Role of Absorptive Capacity

Building a Biomedical Enterprise & Commercialising Science: Entrepreneurial UK Genomics Firms in Comparative Perspective

Business Failure & Macroeconomic Instability

Capability Approach & the Implementation of EU Social Policy Directives

Capright: Resources, Rights & Capabilities in Europe

CIS4 & Oslo Manual Revision: Early Stage Pilot

Company Law Review

Comparative Study of Knowledge Exchange in the United States & the United Kingdom

Competition & Performance

Competition, Takeovers & Investment

Competitiveness & Productivity of the UK Design Engineering Sector

Competitiveness of the UK & its Multinational Companies

Concepts of Insolvency

Connectivity of the Arts & Humanities: New Analysis of Missing Links

Contribution of Services & Other Sectors to Australian Productivity Growth 1995-2005

Cooperation, Stakeholder Representation & Business Performance

Corporate Governance & Innovation

Corporate Governance & Investment: An International Research Network

Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance & Economic Performance in Emerging Markets

Corporate Law & Economic Performance

Corporate Rescue: Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Corporate Responses to Macroeconomic Changes & Shocks

Dynamics of Institutions & Markets in Europe (DIME)

Ethics, Regulation & Globalisation

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of HEFCE/OSI Third Stream Funding

Evaluation of the Golden Key Package Component of the Small Business Initiative Funded by the British Bankers Association

Evidence Base for Innovation Policy (UK~IRC)

Evolution of Governance Arrangements in the Family Firm

Finance, Training & SME Performance: An Evaluation Study of the Small Business Initiative

FINNOV – Finance, Innovation & Growth: Changing Patterns & Policy Implications

Flexible Specialisation, Competitive Advantage & Business Structuring in the UK Computer Industry

From Employability to Capability: An Exploratory Approach on the Quality of Employment

Future of Collectivism in the Regulation of Pay & Employment in Britain

Future of Professional Work

Globalising Behaviour of UK Firms in a Comparative Context

Governance of Mutuality

Government Support for Small Business Innovation and the SBIR

High Tech CEOs & Their Businesses

Impact of the Enterprise Act 2002

Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Impact of the National Minimum Wage on Small & Medium Sized Businesses in the Cleaning & Security Sectors

Implementation of the Working Time Directive in the UK

Insolvency & Stakeholding

Institutional Investment & Corporate Accountability

Integrated Knowledge Centre (IKC) Commercialisation Laboratory

International Financial Regulation

International Innovation Benchmarking & the Determinants of Business Success

International Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances for the Development of British Management

International Mergers

Job Insecurity, Polarisation, Social Exclusion & Flexibility

Knowledge Exchange between Arts & Humanities and the Private, Public & Third Sectors

Knowledge Hub (UK~IRC)

Labour Law & Poverty Alleviation in Low- & Middle-Income Countries

Labour Market Reform & Social Inclusion: The Case of New Zealand, Ireland & Denmark

Law & Finance in Emerging Markets

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Law, Finance & Development

Learning Factory

Legal Framework Governing Business Firms & its Implications for Manufacturing Scale & Performance

Manufacturing Strategy & Competitiveness



Modelling Business Duration & Business Failure

National Small & Medium Sized Business Surveys

Networks, Collective Learning and R&D in Regionally Clustered High-technology Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

New Modes of Innovation: Managerial & Strategic Business Practices & Open Innovation (UK~IRC)

New Product Development Performance in the UK & Japanese Automotive Industries

Northern Ireland SME Benchmarking Survey

Organisation of Entrepreneurial Technology Firms in Several European Countries

Pension Fund Governance & Socially Responsible Investment

Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

Reflexive Law & Democratic Governance

Research Using UK Innovation Survey 2005 Data

Role of Banks versus Venture Capital in Financing Small Enterprises in Successful European Regions

Role of "Soft Companies" & Government R&D Contracts in Development of SMEs

Role of Technology Policy in Incubating European New Technology-Based Firms

SME Finance & Innovation in the Current Economic Crisis

SME Performance & Policy

Social Dialogue, Employment & Territories: Towards a European Politics of Capabilities

'Soft Regulation': Conforming with the Principle of 'Comply or Explain'

Start-up Finance: A Study of Micro Finance amongst Soft & Hard Companies

Strategic Advisory Board on Intellectual Property (SABIP) Review

Survey of National Health Service Reforms & the Working Lives of Midwives & Physiotherapists

Territorial Clustering & Innovative Milieux: Technology-based Firms in the Cambridge & Oxford Regions

UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC)

UK~IRC & CIHE Task Force: Enhancing Value: Getting the Most out of UK Research

Universities & Their Role in Systems of Innovation: A Comparative Assessment of UK & US Institutions & Locales

University-Industry Knowledge Exchange: Demand Pull, Supply Push & the Public Space Role of Higher Education Institutions in the UK Regions

Updating Employment Institutions & Governance