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About us

The Policy Research Group has one simple view: appropriate use of evidence in policies will benefit population outcomes.

To demonstrate this, the team works on a series of projects across many domains of interest to psychologists, policymakers, and industry. In each case, they look for the best way to carry out high quality research that retains real-life value. As work is carried out, PRG constantly aims to translate insights into meaningful outputs, engaging with stakeholders and champions throughout. The ultimate goal within PRG is to generate relevant evidence for decision-making, whether informing leaders about complex challenges or simply engaging individuals with research outcomes in a way that speaks to the widest possible audience. In reaching for this goal, the research group hopes to offer improved outcomes for populations, particularly regarding their security, economic stability, and well-being.

The PRG is a small team of researchers and affiliates within the CBR that are focused specifically on behavioural insights in policy, particularly in linking experimental methods to real-world applications. Our primary contribution in CBR is through the GCRF Research for Health in Conflict (R4HC-MENA) project, with a handful of additional projects related to behaviour and decision-making.

Contact us

Centre for Business Research
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1223 765320