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Simon Deakin.



Empirical legal studies; labour law; law and finance; corporate governance; private law.


Addressing Gender Inequality through Corporate Governance

'Capright': Resources, Rights & Capabilities in Europe

Corporate Law & Economic Performance

GCRF Research for Health in Conflict (R4HC-MENA)

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Law, Finance & Development

Pension Fund Governance & Socially Responsible Investment

Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

Reflexive Law & Democratic Governance

Social Dialogue, Employment & Territories: Towards a European Politics of Capabilities

The Governance of Mutuality

The Implementation of the Working Time Directive in the UK

Updating Employment Institutions & Governance

The Internet of Things: Shaping Our Futures

Labour Law & Poverty Alleviation in Low- & Middle-Income Countries

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Maximising Innovation beyond Procurement & Contract Execution

Personal background

Simon Deakin is Director of the CBR and Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law at Cambridge. He specialises in the economics of law and empirical legal studies, with particular reference to labour law, private law, and corporate governance. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and has received the ECGI and Allen & Overy prizes for his research on corporate governance. He has carried out consultancy and contract research for numerous governments, international organisations, companies, business associations, trade unions and NGOs.

Selected publications

Adams, Z., and Deakin, S. (2015) ‘Quantitative labour law’, in A. Ludlow and A. Blackham (eds.) New Frontiers in Empirical Labour Law Research (Oxford: Hart)

Deakin, S., and Hamilton, J. (2015) ‘Russia’s legal transitions: Marxist theory, neoclassical economics, and the rule of law’ Hague Journal of the Rule of Law, 7: 283-307

Deakin, S., Fraser-Butlin, S., Polanska, A. and McLaughlin, C. (2015) ‘Are litigation and collective bargaining complements or substitutes for achieving gender equality? A study of the British Equal Pay Act’ Cambridge Journal of Economics, 39: 381-403

Chen, D., and Deakin, S. (2014) ‘On heaven’s lathe: state, rule of law, and economic development’ Law and Development Review, 8: 123-45

Deakin, S., Malmberg, J. and Sarkar, P. (2014) ‘How do labour laws affect unemployment and the labour share of national income? The experience of six OECD countries, 1970–2010’ International Labour Review, 153: 1-27.

Buchanan, J., Chai, D.-H. and Deakin, S. (2014) ‘Empirical analysis of legal institutions and institutional change: multiple-methods approaches and their application to corporate governance research’ Journal of Institutional Economics, 10: 1-20

More publications

Contact details

Simon Deakin
Centre for Business Research
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG