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Hannes Jarke

Hannes Jarke

Research Assistant


 Evidence-based policy, behavioural insights, health policy, well-being, behavioural economics, science communication, trust.

Personal background

Hannes Jarke joined the CBR in autumn 2019 after working as an analyst at coordinating the evaluation of multiple large-scale randomised controlled trials for an NGO. His current research focuses on the application of evidence from behavioural science in policy. Specifically, Hannes is involved in R4HC-MENA’s Research for Health in Conflict project, investigating mental health and well-being in Lebanon and the middle-east. He is also interested in topics such as science communication and open science.

Hannes has previously worked with the Cambridge Policy Research Group on publications translating scientific evidence from behavioural sciences for policy makers and the wider public, resulting in multiple reports and one textbook.  In 2018 and 2019, he consulted the European Commission's Joint Research Centre for the Enlightenment 2.0 research programme and contributed to the Understanding our political nature: How to put knowledge and reason at the heart of policymaking report. Hannes holds a BSc and MSc in Psychology from the University of Vienna, as well as a MSc in Governance and Leadership in European Public Health from Maastricht University. He serves as the Director of Operations of the Junior Researcher Programme, which creates research and training opportunities for students from behavioural sciences from around the globe.

Selected publications

Ruggeri, K., Folke, T., Jarke, H., Paul, A., F., Gladstone, J. (2019). Economic, financial and consumer decision-making. In K. Ruggeri (Ed.), Behavioural insights for policy: Concepts and cases: (pp. 156-179). Routledge. 

Ruggeri, K., Bojanić, L., van Bokhorst, L., Jarke, H., Mareva, S., Ojinaga-Alfageme, O., Mellor, D. T., & Norton, S. (2019). Editorial: Advancing methods for psychological assessment across borders. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 1-4. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00503

Jarke, H., Džindo, A., & Jakob, L. (2019). Healthcare access in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the light of European Union accession efforts. South Eastern European Journal of Public Health, 11. doi:10.4119/UNIBI/SEEJPH-2019-210

Sutherland, A., Broeks, M., Sim, M. Brown, E., Iakovidou, E. Ilie, S., Jarke, H, & Belanger, J. (2019). Digital Feedback in Primary Maths – Evaluation Report. London: Education Endowment Foundation.

Maguire, A., Martin, J., Jarke, H., & Ruggeri, K. (2018). Getting closer? Differences remain in neuropsychological assessments converted to mobile devices. Psychological Services, 16(2), 221-226 . doi:10.1037/ser0000307

Bursalıoğlu, A., Gjorgjiovska, J., Janssens, M., Jarke, H., Lecuona, O., & Müller, S. R. (2016). Health & Well-being. In Policy Research Group. Insights for Impact, 1. K. Ruggeri (Ed.). Cambridge: UK. ISSN: 2198-8940 (online).

Contact details

Centre for Business Research
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG