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Zoe Adams



Labour Law, Legal Methodology, Social Ontology, Corporate Governance, Private Law, EU Law


Labour Law and Poverty Alleviation in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Personal background

Zoe graduated 5th in her year with a First Class degree in Law from Pembroke College, Cambridge in 2013. She started work for the CBR that summer. She has since been working alongside Simon Deakin on a number of projects including research on labour law in developing countries funded by the DFID/ESRC Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation. She has been involved in creating a dataset that measures the legal content of labour laws in over 80 countries. She has since co-authored a number of articles on labour law, european union law, and legal methodology. Her research focuses on exploring the relationship between law and capitalism, and teasing out the implications of this relationship for labour law scholarship and practice. She completed her solicitors’ Legal Practice Course in June 2014 and was awarded an LLM from the EUI, Florence, in September 2014.  She has began studying for her PHD at Pembroke College, Cambridge in October 2015, and was awarded her PhD in June 2018, for which she was awarded the Yorke Prize in 2019. In 2018, she became aJunior Research Fellow at King’s College Cambridge, before becoming Fellow, and Admissions Tutor at King’s in 2021. Her first monograph, based on her PhD was entitled “Labour and the Wage: a Critical Perspective” and her second monograph, published in November 2023, is entitled “The Legal Concept of Work”. Both are published by Oxford University Press. She is also co-author of two textbooks, Markesinis & Deakin’s Tort Law (Eighth Edition, Oxford University Press 2019) and Deakin and Morris Labour Law (7th edition, Hart Publishing 2021). 

In terms of teaching, Zoe has been supervising labour law at Cambridge since January 2016, and has also supervised tort law. She has been an affiliated lecturer with the Cambridge Law Faculty since 2017, lecturing labour law, and advanced labour law. She has also lectured on the economics of law and regulation (LLM). 

Selected publications

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Contact details

Dr Zoe Adams
Fellow and Admissions Tutor at King’s College, Cambridge
Affiliated Lecturer in Law, University of Cambridge CB2 1ST

Tel: 01223 (7)61819