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Paul Guest

Research Associate


The determinants and effects of takeovers, corporate governance, corporate valuation.


Corporate Governance & Investment: An International Research Network

International Mergers

Personal background

BSc (University of East London), MPhil, PhD (University of Cambridge). Paul Guest is a Reader in Accounting & Finance at Birkbeck College, University of London.

Selected publications

Paul M. Guest, Bild, M. and Runsten, M. (2010) ‘The Impact of Takeovers on the Fundamental Value of Acquirers’, Accounting and Business Research, 40: 333-353.

Guest, P.M. (2010) ‘Board Structure and Executive Pay: Evidence from the UK’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 34: 1075-1097.

Guest, P.M. and Sutherland, D. (2010) ‘The Impact of Business Group Affiliation on Performance: Evidence from China’s ‘National Champions”, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 34(4): 617-631.

Guest, P.M. (2009) ‘The Impact of Board Size on Firm Value: Evidence from the UK’, European Journal of Finance. 15(4), 385-404.

Guest, P.M. (2009) ‘The Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on Executive Pay in the United Kingdom’, Economica. 76, 149-175.

Guest, P.M. (2008) ‘The determinants of board size and composition: Evidence from the UK’, Journal of Corporate Finance, 14 (1), 51-72.

Cosh, A., Guest, P.M. and Hughes, A. (2008) ‘UK corporate governance and takeover performance’ in The Economics of Corporate Governance and Mergers, Edward Elgar (edited by K. Gugler and B. Yurtoglu).

Cosh, A., Guest, P.M. and Hughes, A. (2006) ‘Board Shareownership and Takeover Performance’, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 33, 459-510.

Conn, R.L., Cosh, A., Guest, P.M. and Hughes, A. (2005) ‘The Impact on UK Acquirers of Domestic, Cross-Border, Public and Private Acquisitions’, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 32, 815-870.

Contact details

Paul Guest
Centre for Business Research
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG