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Mathias M Siems

Research Associate


Law and finance; corporate governance; financial market regulation.


Law, Finance & Development

Law, Development & Finance in Rising Powers

Personal background

Mathias Siems is Professor of Private Law and Market Regulation at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. He previously taught at Durham University, the University of East Anglia, the University of Edinburgh and the Riga Graduate School of Law. He was also a Fulbright Scholar at Harvard Law School and a Jean Monnet Fellow at the EUI. He is graduate of the universities of Munich and Edinburgh.

Selected publications

Schnyder, G., Grosman, A., Fu, K., Siems, M. and Aguilera, R.V. (2021) “Legal Perception and Finance: The Case of IPO Firm Value”, British Journal of Management,

Schnyder, G., Siems, M., and Aguilera, R.V. (2021) “Twenty Years of ‘Law and Finance’: What Concept of Law?”, Socio-Economic Review, 19: 377–406

Deakin, S., Sarkar P. and Siems M. (2018) “Is There a Relationship Between Shareholder Protection and Stock Market Development?”, Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting, 3: 115-146.

Ahiabor, F.S., James, G.A., Kwabi, F.O. and Siems M. (2018) “Shareholder Protection, Stock Markets and Cross-Border Mergers”, Economics Letters, 171: 54-57.

Chen, D., Deakin, S., Siems M. and Wang, B. (2017) “Law, Trust and Institutional Change in China: Evidence from Qualitative Fieldwork”, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 17: 257-290.

Siems M. and Alvarez-Macotela, O. (2017) “The G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance 2015: A Critical Assessment of their Operation and Impact”, Journal of Business Law, 2017: 310-328.

Siems M. (2016) “Varieties of Legal Systems: Towards a New Global Taxonomy”, Journal of Institutional Economics, 12: 579-602.

Katelouzou, D. and Siems M. (2015) “Disappearing Paradigms in Shareholder Protection: Leximetric Evidence for 30 Countries, 1990-2013”, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 15: 127-160.

Siems M. and Schnyder, G. (2014) “Ordoliberal Lessons for Economic Stability: Different Kinds of Regulation, Not More Regulation”, Governance: An international Journal of Policy, Administration and Institutions, 27: 377-396.

Siems M. and De Cesari, A. (2012) “The Law and Finance of Share Repurchases in Europe”, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 12: 33-57.

Siems M. (2010) “The Web of Creditor and Shareholder Protection: A Comparative Legal Network Analysis”, Arizona Journal of International and Comparative Law, 27: 747-784.

Schouten, M. and Siems M. (2010) “The Evolution of Ownership Disclosure Rules Across Countries”, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 33: 451-483.

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Siems M. and Deakin, S., (2010) “Comparative Law and Finance: Past, Present and Future Research”, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 166: 120-140.

Armour, J., Deakin, S., Lele, P. and Siems M. (2009) “How Do Legal Rules Evolve? Evidence From a Cross-country Comparison of Shareholder, Creditor and Worker Protection” American Journal of Comparative Law, 57: 579-630.

Armour, J., Deakin, S., Sarkar, P., Siems M. and Singh, A. (2009) “Shareholder Protection and Stock Market Development: An Empirical Test of the Legal Origins hypothesis” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 6: 343-380.

Siems, M. (2008) “Convergence in Shareholder Law”, Cambridge University Press.

Siems, M. (2008) “Shareholder Protection Around the World (“Leximetric II”)”, Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 33: 111-147.

Deakin, S., Lele, P. and Siems, M. (2007) “The Evolution of Labour Law: Calibrating and Comparing Regulatory Regimes”, International Labour Review 146: 133-162.

Siems, M. (2007) “Legal Origins: Reconciling Law & Finance and Comparative Law”, McGill Law Journal 52: 55-81.

Lele, P. and Siems, M. (2007) “Shareholder Protection – A Leximetric Approach”, Journal of Corporate Law Studies 7: 17-50.

Siems, M. (2006) “Legal Adaptability in Elbonia”, International Journal of Law in Context 2: 393-408.

Siems, M. (2005), “Numerical Comparative Law – Do We Need Statistical Evidence in Order to Reduce Complexity?”, Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law, 13: 521-540.

Siems, M. (2005), “What Does Not work in Comparing Securities Laws: A Critique on La Porta et al.’s Methodology”, International Company and Commercial Law Review, 2005: 300-305.

Contact details

Mathias Siems
European University Institute
Law Department
Villa Salviati, Via Bolognese 156
I-50139 Firenze (FI)

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