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Andrea Peripoli

Research Associate

Personal background

Andrea Peripoli holds law degrees from the Universities of Bologna, Cambridge, and EUI, where he is currently completing his PhD. So far, he has taught EU law, Roman law, labour law, and law and economics at Cambridge and at LSE.

His current research lies at the intersection of EU trade law and socio-legal theory and explores the epistemic links between juridical concepts and economic processes. Put simply, he tries to answer the question: what does law understand by ‘the market’? And, within EU trade law, how do different legal representations of ‘the market’ influence the interpretation of labour rights by the CJEU? Methodologically, he is interested in applying the insights of a range of disciplines – eg cognitive sciences, game theory, and economic sociology – to better understand how legal concepts handle and retain complex information about socio-economic realities.


EU law, Law and Economics, Trade Law, Labour Law, Legal Methodology, Economic Sociology

Contact details

Andrea Peripoli
Trumpington Street