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Senior Research Fellow


Economics of science and technical change; Innovation systems, processes and networks; Innovation finance; R&D strategy; Digital technologies and AI; Science and technology policy.


FINNOV – Finance, Innovation and Growth: Changing Patterns and Policy Implications, EC 7th Framework Programme

Service Innovation and Innovative Performance at the Sector Level, UK Innovation Research Centre (UK~IRC)

Enhancing Value: Getting the Most out of UK Research, Council for Industry and Higher Education, UK, 2011-2012

Personal background

Andrea Mina has been Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Business Research (CBR) since 2007. He is Full Professor of Economics at the Institute of Economics, Pro-Rector for International Relations, and Associate Scientific Coordinator of the EMbeDS (Economics and Management in the Era of Data Science programme) of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa. Until 2016 he was University Lecturer in Economics of Innovation at the Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS). At the University of Cambridge he also served as Senior Research Associate of the CBR, Director of Economic Studies and Fellow of St Edmund’s College, and Policy Fellow of the Centre for Science and Technology (CSaP).

His work has been presented at leading international conferences including, but not limited to, the NBER Summer Institute, DRUID, European Economic Association, International Schumpeter Society, European Commission/JRC-IPTS CONCORDi, Academy of Management, Financial Management Association, and Geography of Innovation (GEOINNO) conferences. He is a member of the International Schumpeter Society, American Economic Association, European Economic Association, and Strategic Management Society.

Honours and Awards

Best Paper Award, DRUID 2022, Copenhagen Business School, 13-15th June 2022

Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing, Research Policy, Elsevier, November 2016.

Best Paper Award, CONCORDi-2013 Conference, JRC-IPTS/European Commission, Seville, 26-27th September

Best Paper Proceedings, 2013 Academy of Management Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, 9-13th August

Nominated for the International Schumpeter Prize at the 7th European Meeting of Applied Evolutionary Economics (EMAEE), Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, 14-16th February 2011

Best Paper Award, 25th DRUID Celebration Conference ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation’, Copenhagen Business School, 17-20th June 2008

OPTIME AWARD 2000, Prize for the Best Graduates of the University and ‘Politecnico’ of Turin, sponsored by ‘Unione Industriale Torino’, 25th September 2000.

More publications

Selected publications

Journal articles

Mina, A. (with P. Santoleri, A. di Minin, I. Martelli) ‘The causal effects of R&D grants: evidence from a regression discontinuity’, Review of Economics and Statistics, accepted and forthcoming.

Mina, A. (with C. Esposito, M. Gortan, L. Testa, F. Chiaromonte, G. Fagiolo and G. Rossetti) 2022. ‘Venture capital investments through the lens of network and functional data analysis’, Applied Network Science, in press.

Mina, A. (with V. Cirillo, L. Fanti, A. Ricci) 2022. ‘New digital technologies and firm performance: Industry 4.0 in the Italian economy’, Industry and Innovation, in press.

Mina, A. (with V. Cirillo, L. Fanti, A. Ricci) 2022. ‘Upgrading Italy’s Industrial Capacity: Industry 4.0 across Regions and Sectors’, SINAPPSI – Journal of the Italian National Institute for Public Policy (INAPP) XI (2): 14-35.

Mina, A. (with S. Rocchetta, D. Kogler and C. Lee) 2021. ‘Technological knowledge spaces and the resilience of European regions’, Journal of Economic Geography, 22(1): 27–51.

Mina, A. (with M. Moggi, A. Martinelli) 2021. ‘The enabling technologies of Industry 4.0: Examining the seeds of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’, Industrial and Corporate Change, 30(1): 161–188.

Mina, A. (with A. di Minin, I. Martelli, G. Testa, P. Santoleri) 2021. ‘Public funding of innovation: exploring applications and allocations of the European SME Instrument’, Research Policy 50(1): 104-131.

Mina, A. (with P. Santoleri) 2021. ‘The effect of the Great Recession on the employment growth of young vs. small firms in the Eurozone’, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 56: 184-194.

Mina, A. (with H. Lahr) 2020. ‘Endogenous financial constraints and innovation’, Industrial and Corporate Change.

Mina, A. (with C. Jensen) 2019. ‘Did transition bring cleaner air? The effects of ownership, territorial and technology policy on air pollution’, Ecological Economics 165: 106276.

Mina, A. (with S. Rocchetta) 2019 ‘Technological coherence and the adaptive resilience of regional economies’, Regional Studies 53(10): 1421-1434.

Mina, A. (with T. Thune) 2016 ‘Hospitals as innovators in the health care system: A literature review and research agenda’, Research Policy 45(8): 1545–1557.

Mina, A. (with H. Lahr) 2016 ‘Venture capital investments and the technological performance of portfolio firms’, Research Policy 45(1): 303–318.

Mina, A. (with Henry Lahr) 2014 ‘Liquidity, technological opportunities, and the stage distribution of venture capital investments’, Financial Management 43(2): 291–325.

Mina, A. (with E. Bascavusoglu-Moreau and A. Hughes) 2014 ‘Open service innovation and the firm’s search for external knowledge’, Research Policy 43(5): 853–866.

Special Issue ‘Open Innovation: New Insights and Evidence’ edited by J. West, A. Salter, W. Vanhaverbeke and H. Chesbrough.

Mina, A. (with E. Bascavusoglu-Moreau and A. Hughes) 2013 ‘Exploiting knowledge flows: Openness and the innovative performance of business services’, Best Paper Proceedings, 2013 Academy of Management Meeting.

Mina, A. (with J. Probert and D. Connell) 2013 ‘R&D service firms: The hidden engine of the high-tech economy?’, Research Policy 42(6-7): 1274–1285.

Mina, A. (with H. Lahr and A. Hughes) 2013 ‘The demand and supply of external finance for innovative firms’, Industrial and Corporate Change 22(4): 1-33.

Mina, A. (with B. Tether and C. Li) 2012 ‘Knowledge-bases, places, spatial configurations and the performance of knowledge-intensive professional service firms’, Journal of Economic Geography 26: 969-1001.

Mina, A., 2009, ‘The emergence of new knowledge, market evolution and the dynamics of micro-innovation systems’, Economics of Innovation and New Technology 18(5): 447-466.

Mina, A. (with J. Costa-Font and C. Courbage), 2009, ‘Innovation and health: Pathways to new technologies’, Economics of Innovation and New Technology 18(5): 403-406.

Mina, A. (with D. Consoli), 2009, ‘An evolutionary perspective on health innovation systems’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 19(2): 297-319.

Mina, A. (with R. Ramlogan, G. Tampubolon, G. and J. S. Metcalfe), 2007, ‘Mapping evolutionary trajectories: Applications to the growth and transformation of medical knowledge’, Research Policy 36(5): 789-806.

Mina A. (with R. Ramlogan, G. Tampubolon, and J. S. Metcalfe), 2007, ‘Networks of knowledge: The distributed nature of medical innovation’, Scientometrics 70(3): 459-489.

Mina A. (with J.S. Metcalfe and A. James), 2005, ‘Emergent innovation systems and the delivery of clinical services: The case of intra-ocular lenses’, Research Policy 34(9): 1283-1304.

Books and monographs

Mina, A. (with D. Consoli, R.R. Nelson, and R. Ramlogan) 2016. Medical Innovation: Science, Technology and Practice, Routledge: London.

Mina, A. (with D. Docherty, D. Eyton, A. Hughes, B. Martin, S. Pearce, and J. Probert) 2013 ‘Growing Value: Business-University Collaboration for the 21st Century’, National Centre for Universities and Business, London.

Mina, A. (with J. Probert), 2012, ‘Enhancing Collaboration, Creating Value: Business Interaction with the UK Research Base in Four Sectors’, Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE), London.

Mina, A. (with A. Hughes), 2012, ‘The UK R&D Landscape’, Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE), London. – Mina, A. (with A. Hughes), 2010, ‘The impact of the Patent System on SMEs’, Report for the UK Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (SABIP/UK Intellectual Property Office).

Mina, A. (with D. Cox, J. Edler, K. Flanagan, P. Cunningham), 2007, ‘Study on Ireland’s International Engagement in Science, Technology and Innovation’, Report for the Irish Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (FORFÁS).

Mina, A. (with B. Tether, D. Consoli and D. Gagliardi), 2005, ‘A literature review on skills and innovation: How does successful innovation impact on the demand for skills and how do skills drive innovation?, Report for the Department of Trade and Industry (UK), London.

Book chapters

Deakin, S. and A. Mina (2013) ‘Institutions and Innovation: Is Corporate Governance the Missing Link?’, in Pittard, M., Monotti, A. and J. Duns (eds.) ‘Business Innovation: A Legal Balancing Act – Perspectives from Intellectual Property, Labour and Employment, Competition and Corporate Laws’, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, pp. 456–482.

Consoli, D., McMeekin, A., Metcalfe, J.S., Mina, A. and R. Ramlogan (2009) ‘The Process of Healthcare Innovation: Problem Sequences, Systems and Symbiosis’ in J. Costa-i-Font, C. Courbage and A. McGuire (eds.) The Economics of New Health Technologies: Incentives, Organisation and Financing, Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York.

Mina, A. and R. Ramlogan (2008) ‘Health Innovation Processes at the Public-Private Interface’, book chapter in Windrum, P. and P. Koch (eds.), ‘Innovation in Public Services: Management, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship’, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.

Contact details

Andrea Mina
Centre for Business Research
Cambridge Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1AG