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Simon Deakin

Governing catastrophes

Re-learning how to manage risk can be a template for the future governance of crises, say academics from the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School. This article, which originally appeared on the website of the University of…

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Joint research project on legal systems and AI selected for funding by UKRI and JST

A research project on legal systems and artificial antelligence (AI), based on collaboration between Hitotsubashi University, Japan, and the University of Cambridge, UK, has been selected for funding following a joint call by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the…

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Legislating labour in the long run

Researchers have built the single largest dataset of employment laws – spanning more than 100 countries across much of post-war history – to look at how worker rights affect economies over decades. There's a familiar story that goes something like…

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Social Europe: Luddism In the age of Uber

A common response to the wave of protests over Uber is that its opponents are ‘Luddites’. The implication is that resistance to new technology today will prove futile, just as it did in the nineteenth century, when the original Luddites…

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Evening Standard: We can salvage something from Brexit chaos

Britain still has friends inside the European Union writes Antony Hilton after the Brexit referendum looking at what is next for the country voting to leave the EU. Britain shouldn’t rush with activating Article 50, writes Hilton and quotes Professor…

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Evening Standard: Workers will be worse off if we opt for Brexit

The labour point is made forcefully by Simon Deakin, director of the Centre for Business Research at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, in a blog published yesterday on the Social Europe website — which, incidentally, also voices seldom-expressed concerns…

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Social Europe: Brexit, labour rights and migration: what’s really at stake

The final days of the UK referendum debate look set to be dominated by social policy, centred on the question of migration, but not confined to that. The overriding issue is now economic insecurity and the dangerous political dynamic it…

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Evening Standard: We need EU to curb our ‘elective dictatorship’

Anthony Hilton writes about EU laws and why they are important in a light of Brexit debate. Professor Simon Deakin, director of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that Brexit would make Britain less, not…

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Social Europe: Why Brexit would make the UK less democratic, not more

Simon Deakin, Director of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, looks at the relationship between UK domestic law and EU law in a light of the Brexit debate. “Britain lacks a codified constitution, which puts it…

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Social Europe Journal: Social policy will be critical to a sustainable EMU

European policy-makers have some vitally important decisions to make in the coming weeks. The June meeting of the European Council is due to consider the role of social policy in the wider context of economic and monetary union (‘EMU’). The…

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