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Michael Pollitt

Public or private energy?

Renationalisation is not the solution to the current supply and pricing issues in the energy market, Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School says in a new podcast. Renationalisation of the energy industry is "not an obvious solution" to…

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Burning gas burner.

Irish Examiner: Banks have to move fast to restore faith

A report by the Centre of Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School is featured in the article. The report, co-authored by Professor Michael Pollitt and Professor Ian Jones, looks on how UK banks, including Barclays, Lloyds, TSB and Santander,…

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Dr Ian Jones, University of Oxford and Dr Michael Pollitt, Cambridge Judge Business School: Missing the human side of governance

The Cadbury Archive at Cambridge Judge Business School has been completed with the addition of copies of all the speeches on corporate governance made by Sir Adrian Cadbury, Chairman of the UK Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance.…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2007

The contribution of services and other sectors to Australian productivity growth 1980-2004 30 November 2007 A new report by the CBR, commissioned by the Australian Business Foundation, looks at Australia's productivity performance from 1980 to 2004. There has been a…

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TIME Magazine: Enlightened self-interest

In their new book, Multi-nationals in their Communities, two British academics look at well-run CSR projects and how they help the communities where they operate. Ian W. Jones, a management lecturer at Oxford University, and Michael G. Pollitt, a reader…

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Centre for Business Research (CBR) news from 2004

CBR research casts new light on UK innovation process 25 November 2004 CBR research that was presented at a major conference in Edinburgh on November - and covered by the Financial Times the same day - has shed new light…

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