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David Connell

The Guardian: British technology uncertain future

David Connell, Senior research fellow, Centre for Business Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, replies to Aditya Chakraborrty’s article highlighting one of the great myths of UK innovation policy. David says "it is alumni of great research universities that drive…

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Bridging the “Valley of Death”: improving the commercialisation of research

The House of Commons Select Committee agreed on 14 December 2011 to launch a new inquiry: Bridging the "Valley of Death": Improving the Commercialisation of Research. Written evidence The Committee invited written submissions on the terms of reference by February…

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Cambridge News: SME reforms are given a cautious welcome

The Government's latest announcement on public procurement is a big deal for small firms, says Forum of Private Business ... David Connell, at Cambridge University’s Centre for Business Research, who has been campaigning for this for years, said: "The Government’s…

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New Scientist: Politicians have been misled by innovation myths

There is one simple science policy issue that has united the main political parties over the past three decades: how to squeeze more profit out of Britain's world-class science ... So it comes as a surprise to see the chronic…

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Financial Times: Call for customer focus to aid R&D spin-offs

Britain's innovation policy must shift its focus to the crucial role played by customers in stimulating and funding new high technology companies, according to Cambridge University research. In a two-year study of successful science and technology businesses in the Cambridge…

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Cambridge News: Aid for small firms

A long-running campaign to boost hitech companies in Cambridge is set for success. Leading city figures have been pressing to increase the number of Government contracts that go to small companies by reforming the Small Business Research Initiative. Former Cambridge…

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Business Weekly: Cambridge team to investigate how much R & D goes unrecorded

The missing links in the Research & Development performance of East of England companies are being sought in a new study by the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. The CBR team is launching a survey…

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Library House PCI Executive Briefing: Emulating a US approach to funding

A US-style Small Business Innovation Programme would help the UK economy stay competitive; if government departments are to play their full role in building a modern innovation economy they must learn to place R&D contracts with early-stage science and technology…

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The UK is forcing its entrepreneurial talent to set up shop in the US rather than at home as a new report reveals that tech start-ups in the US receive 10 times as much government financial support as their counterparts…

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The Observer: Britain lags in funding start-ups

Hi-tech start-ups in the US receive up to 10 times as much government funding as their struggling British counterparts, according to a study by academics at Cambridge University. As Tony Blair flies to California to meet Silicon Valley entrepreneurs this…

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