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Inaugural Social Science and Law Interdisciplinary Conference

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The aim of SSLIC (the Social Science and Law Interdisciplinary Conference) was to explore the interface between law and the social sciences. CBR is interested in theoretical debates concerning the nature of law as a social practice and economic institution; methodological debates concerning the mapping and analysis of empirical legal phenomena; and policy debates concerning the role of the legal system in shaping more equitable and sustainable societies.

The focus of the inaugural SSLIC conference was inequality and the rule of law in the global north and the rising powers, particularly China. The conference will cover subjects including: developments in the rule of law in China; innovations in law and economics that could improve understanding of inequality; the role of technology in causing (or preventing) inequality; inequality and public policy in Britain, with particular reference to Brexit; and the impact of financial and political power differentials on elections.

SSLIC aims to advance practical understanding of the possibilities of democratic politics; suggest future avenues for legal research that draw on a diverse array of disciplines; create opportunities for interdepartmental cross-pollination at and beyond Cambridge; and offer a context for developing new methodologies.

SSLIC’s inaugural conference is supported by Cambridge University’s ESRC Doctoral Training Programme and by the Cambridge Public Policy Strategic Research Initiative. We are also grateful for support and funding from the Intellectual Forum and Cambridge University China Centre at Jesus College, Cambridge.