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Adam Coutts

Research Associate

Dr Coutts is a Research Associate in the Department of Sociology, and Bye-Fellow at Magdalene College. He also teaches on the MPhil in Public Policy where he runs the case study module ‘Employment, mental health and welfare: How do we get people into work?’

Overall Adam's research focuses on the social and political determinants of health looking at how non-health sector public policy such as labour market interventions and social protection affect health and wellbeing. This research covers the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and the Middle East.

Adam's current research project (supported by the Health Foundation, 2017-2020) is a Randomised Control Trial evaluation to test how an Active Labour Market Programme (ALMP) called Group Work / JOBS II can be used to protect the mental health and wellbeing of the unemployed as well as return people to work. In this project, he explores how health and wellbeing outcomes can be better integrated and tangibly measured in order to complement existing methodologies of assessing policy effectiveness; and examine how a large scale social policy intervention and experimental evaluation is implemented by government and what are the key challenges. In order to conduct the research, Adam is undertaking a secondment with the newly established Work and Health Joint Unit, Department for Work and Pensions, UK Government.

Contact details

Adam Coutts
Department of Sociology 
University of Cambridge
Free School Lane
Cambridge CB2 3QA


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