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Simon Deakin - Director


Corporate governance, contracts, labour market regulation, competition policy.


Personal Background

Simon Deakin is Director of the CBR and is responsible for its corporate governance programme. He is also a Professor of Law in the Faculty of Law at Cambridge. He specialises in law and economics and empirical legal studies, with particular reference to labour and corporate law, private law, and law and development. He has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has directed several multi-institution research projects for the ESRC and EU. He is a Fellow of the British Academy and has received the ECGI and Allen & Overy prizes for his research on corporate governance. He has carried out consultancy work and contract research for several national governments, international organisations, companies, business associations, trade unions and NGOs. He has recently completed a review of the role of the legal framework in promoting innovation in manufacturing for the UK government’s Foresight programme.


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Selected Publications

Deakin, S. (forthcoming) The Legal Framework Governing Business Firms and its Implications for Manufacturing Scale and Performance: The UK Experience in International Perspective, Working Paper for the UK Government Foresight Review of the Future of Manufacturing (in press) (available from author on request).

Deakin, S. (2013) ‘The legal theory of finance: implications for methodology and empirical research’, Journal of Comparative Economics 41: 338-442.

Deakin, S. and Mina, A. (2013) ‘Institutions and innovation: is corporate governance the missing link?’ in M. Pittard, A. Minotti and J. Duns (eds.) Business Innovation and the Law: Perspectives from Intellectual Property, Labour, Competition and Corporate Law (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar).

Buchanan, J., Chai, D., and Deakin, S. (2012) Hedge Fund Activism in Japan: The Limits of Shareholder Primacy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) 377 pp.

Deakin, S. (2011) ‘Legal evolution: integrating economic and systemic approaches’, Review of Law and Economics 7: 659-683.

Siems, M. and Deakin, S. (2010) ‘Comparative law and finance: past, present and future research’, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 166: 120-140.

Armour, J., Deakin, S., Sarkar, P., Siems, M. and Singh, A. (2009) ‘Shareholder protection and stock market development: an empirical test of the legal origins hypothesis’, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 6: 343-380.

Armour, J., Deakin, S., Lele, P. and Siems, M. (2009) ‘How do legal rules evolve? Evidence from a cross-national comparison of shareholder, creditor and worker protection’, American Journal of Comparative Law 57: 579-630.

Deakin, S., Lourenço, A. and Pratten, S. (2009) ‘No "third way" for economic organisation? Networks and quasi-markets in broadcasting’, Industrial and Corporate Change 18: 51-75.

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