New Report: Cultural Connections

March 2014

The Role of the Arts and Humanities in Competitiveness and Local Development

This report considers how the arts and cultural institutions contribute to the appeal of place. Cultural institutions are a prominent part of UK society - and many have a rich and long heritage. The impact of such institutions has often been evaluated in terms of engagement and participation or on the direct economic impact of cultural institutions. This study primarily focuses on the wider role of cultural institutions in their local economies; their innovative activities; how they connect to other local organisations such as universities; and how they collaborate with academics from the Arts and Humanities.

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British Business and the European Union: Assessing the Options

January 2014

Does British business need the EU if it is to compete on the world stage? According to Simon Deakin, speaking on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on 30 January, the UK’s access to the single market is important for maintaining the competitiveness of British firms, while there is no evidence that EU membership diverts trade away from other markets such as the US or China. Legally, there is no simple ‘in or out’ for the UK: if we were to leave the EU, we would have to negotiate a new free trade agreement of the kind that Switzerland or Norway have. It is not credible for Eurosceptics to argue that the EU would simply accept British demands for exemption from core EU rules. The EU is unlikely to compromise on such a fundamental principle as free movement for labour.

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Former CBR Advisory Board Chairman elected Master of
St Edmund's College

January 2014

The Hon. Matthew Bullock has been elected as Master of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. He will take up office in October 2014 and succeeds Professor Paul Luzio, who has been Master since 2004.

Matthew was a founder member in 1994 of the CBR Advisory Board and its Chairman from 1997-2012. He has a long connection with Cambridge and the University, where he read History at Peterhouse. He was a member of the University's Audit Committee from 1999-2012 and was a founder member of the Judge Business School Advisory Board and its longest serving member (1985-2002).

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